Thursday, February 9, 2012

Monsieur M & Mama

Lucky me! I got to play all morning with this little sweetheart. He really was the sweetest little monkey. It took him a bit to warm up to me but you could tell how much this little guy LOVED his momma! He just thought she was a riot! After a little while of reading stories and giving me a tour of his room and meeting the littlest barky family member, we decided that bath time would be appropriate :)  I love what the water does to little eyelashes! This kid just totally lit up in the water! As soon as we turned on the tap he started to glow and this amazing grin went ear to ear. This session was a total example of how awesome a session can go when the parents are relaxed, go with the flow and stay positive. The key to an really awesome session is always the same: HAVE FUN!

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