Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Together Family Feature: My Boys on the Cover

I'm super excited about my boys being on the cover of this magazine! I should be happy about my featured interview, but I'm more excited to see their hilarious little faces on the cover!! :)  I just wanted to clear up one thing..... by no means do I claim to have the secrets to 'taking perfect pictures', just wanted to convay that first off! ha ha. The 'tips' I've suggested in the interview are just some basic things that might help moms take better pictures of their kids.

Looking back on my own journey, it took me a while to figure out some of pretty basic things that made a big difference in the quality of my family pictures. We all start somewhere right! Being a photographer is a constant learning process. I really do feel like with each session I do, I take away something new with me. Something that makes me better. Although the pictures featured in the article may not be my most technical images, they definitely show my growth and each image means something special to me. Not for how it looks to someone else, but for what it stands for to me. How it documents the little things that maybe I took for granted in the moment. I love looking back through old photo albums, believe me there are LOTS, and reliving days past. That's why I take pictures. That's why i LOVE being a photographer!! You really can hold on to the most precious moments of time with a picture. It doesn't have to be a 'perfect picture'. It just has to be perfect to you.

You can check out Together Family here : http://togetherfamily.ca/
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