Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Brothers

I managed to get 2 adorable sessions in on Saturday! It started off with  Mr O, Daddy and Mommy and a little bump. What a joy! This kid has a serious slap shot and a very deep love for hockey chronicle books... seriously, it was awesome to watch him flip through the pages with facination! We shared a lot of laughs and somehow I managed to keep up with this little guy! It's days like these that I'm thankful for all the practice my own little monkeys give me. I felt right in my comfort zone! I should have named the blog, 'perpetual motion', because that is exactly what I delt with in both these hilarious sessions!

After spending the morning with the lovely H family, I made my way across the bridge to Gatineau to welcome newborn baby R into the world. Just over a week old, baby R was snuggly and cuddly and just charming! It was really special spend some quiet alone time with momma and babe before big brother L came home from gymnastics with grandma and daddy. The energy went up a bit, needless to say, when 2 year old Mr L came home. We had lots of fun playing with cars and pirate ships and the best part of all I got to capture the first hug and kiss between the brothers! The beginning of a very special lifelong friendship!

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