Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The women of Milkface: Breastfeeding & Carrier PhotoShoot

I truly love my job as a family portrait photographer. And I have also been lucky enough over the past 8months to be apart of an amazing team. Working with the lovely and talented ladies at Milkface has been such an awesome opportunity. I have spent the last 3 years of my life experiencing the most beautiful and amazing gift, for both myself and my boys, the gift of breast feeding.

This was such a special photo shoot for me. I have been looking for an opportunity to photograph mommy's and their babies sharing this precious gift for a while now. I think this as such a wonderful way to showcase the beauty that is breastfeeding.

Personally, I have chosen to carry my children in a variety of carriers from birth, as opposed to using a stroller. I feel like this has bonded us in such a special way. The women I photographed also modeled some of the fabulous baby carriers that we sell at Milkface. It was such a lovely evening!

Thank you Milkface for all the amazing opportunities you have given me and also for all that you offer mothers across the city!! I believe that we really are making a difference here in Ottawa by promoting breast feeding and baby wearing and by educating and supporting families through the most challenging and joyful times of their lives.

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